Curriculum Vitae


Lecturer at University Lille 1


Postodoctoral fellow at CEFE (Montpellier), with Isabelle Chuine and Ophélie Ronce
Mechanistic and statistical modelling of species ranges: phenotypic plasticity, local adaptation and model robustness.


Postodoctoral fellow at the University of Texas (Austin) and at CEFE (Montpellier), with Mark Kirkpatrick and Isabelle Chuine
Evolution of tree species ranges under climate change.
FP7 Marie Curie IOF project TRECC


Postodoctoral fellow at the University of Texas (Austin) with Mark Kirkpatrick
Modelling life history trait evolution on a shifting environmental gradient.
AXA Research Fund


Doctoral thesis in Evolutionary Biology at CEFE (Montpellier) with Doyle McKey
From the radiation of Manihot in a biodiversity hotspot to the domestication of cassava ().


Selected Publications

Duputié A., Zimmermann NE, & Chuine I. In press. Where are the wild things? Why we need better data on species distributions. Global Ecology and Biogeography, doi:10.1111/geb.12118. () ; Supplementary Information ().

Duputié A. & Massol F. 2013. An empiricist’s guide to theoretical predictions on the evolution of dispersal. Interface Focus, 3 : 20130028.

Gritti E.S.*, Duputié A.*, Massol F. & Chuine I. 2013. Estimating consensus and uncertainty of inherently different species distribution models. Methods in Ecology & Evolution, 4 : 442-452. *equal contributions. () ; Supplementary Information () ; Appendix 1 (R code & data) ().

Duputié A., Massol F., Chuine I., Kirkpatrick M. & Ronce O. 2012. How do genetic correlations affect species range shifts in a changing climate? Ecology Letters, 15 : 251-259. () ; Supplementary Information ().


Full publication list (and full texts) available there.



- Plant Biology (1st year)

- Plant community ecology (3rd year)

- Ecology and Evolution (4th year would-be secondary teachers)


Research Interests


I am interested in understanding what limits species distribution ranges. To that aim, I am using mechanistic and phenomenological species distribution models.
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Together with Jean-François Arnaud, Nina Hautekèete, François Massol ad Yves Piquot at EEP, and with Cédric Vanappelghem at Conservatoire des Espaces Naturels, we are starting a new project in 2015.

This project intends to understand how life-history traits evolve towards the margins of a species' distribution range, using both theoretical models and empirical validation (using five plant species as models).

We offer a PhD position, starting during Fall 2015 (3 years), and are looking for a highly motivated student. More details can be found in these files:

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