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Billiard, S., R. Ferriere, S. Meleard and V.C. Tran - under review - Journal of Mathematical Biology Stochastic dynamics of adaptive trait and neutral marker driven by eco-evolutionary feedbacks. arXiv

Castric, V., Billiard, S. and Vekemans, X. (2014) Trait transitions in explicit ecological and genomic contexts: plant mating systems as case studies. Book chapter in C.R. Landry and N. Aubin-Horth (eds.), Ecological Genomics: Ecology and the Evolution of Genes and Genomes, Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 781, Springer Science

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- Population Dynamics : courses and tutorials.

- Population Genetics.

- Evolutionary biology and ecology : practical courses on the various methods used in evolutionary biology (data collecting in greenhouse, statistics, interpretation, modelling, Fstat based on molecular data…).

- GLM methods in Ecology

- Introduction to mathematical modelling.

- Coalescent theory

- Genes and genomes evolution

Research Interests


I'm an evolutionary biologist using population modeling to study life history trait evolution, genetic diversity, demography and conservation biology. I worked on various topics (human evolution, evolution of migration, evolution of altruism, footprint of selective sweeps, etc. see papers below).


Actually, I am especially working on modelling the mating system evolution and their demographic consequences, especially in plants but also in fungi, and in general...


1. Mating systems and demography

Main collaborators: Mathilde Dufay (GEPV, Universite Lille 1), Chi Viet Tran and Pauline Lafitte Godillon (Paul Painleve, Universite Lille 1), Diala Abu Awad (PhD), Clotilde Lepers (PhD).


2. Evolution of mating systems : the sporophytic self-incompatibility (SSI) system in plants :

Main collaborators: Xavier Vekemans, Vincent Castric, Celine Poux, Camille Gervais (Post-Doc ATER), Eleonore Durand (Post-Doc).


3. Mating types evolution in fungi :

Main collaborators: Tatiana Giraud, Benjamin Devier (ESE, Orsay), Manuela Lopez (MNHN, Paris).


4. Mathematics, Ecology and Evolution :

Main collaborators: Sylvie Meleard (CMAP, Ecole Polytechnique), Chi Tran (Universite Lille 1).




MCF, Universite lille 1



Laboratoire de Genetique et Evolution des Populations Vegetales

Batiment SN2

Universite des Sciences et Technologies de Lille 1

F-59655 Villeneuve d'Ascq Cedex



Tel : (+33)3 20 33 59 23 ; Fax : (+33)3 20 43 69 79


Actual Position

Since 2006- Assistant Professor (Maitre de conferences) at the Laboratory Genetics and Evolution of Plant Populations (University of Lille, France) UMR CNRS 8198
2012- Habilitation a Diriger des Recherches: Qu'apporte la modelisation en biologie evolutive ? (Download my HDR document)